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Hello students. This page is designed to further your knowledge of political
parties and options in the United States, and to encourage you to become
politically active.

First, below is a list of political parties in the United States. On each of the sites you can see who their candidates are and what their general beliefs are. If you read their full platforms, you will often get a good idea of what they party wants and believes. There ARE more options than just the Democrats and Republicans, despite what we usually hear.

Second, this page is designed to give you an easy way to contact your political representatives. To the right are the places that all of your state and federal representatives can be contacted. The only way you will get what you want out of your politicians is if they hear from you about issues that matter to you!

Here is a medium-sized list of political parties, grouped generally by their location on the political spectrum. There are actually more than this, but these are some of the biggest, strongest, and most representative of their group ideology. Some have smart, well thought out ideas, and have a long history of trying to bring about positive change in our world, while others are nearly the opposite. To figure out which is which you will have to read each parties platform, compare and critically analyze their goals and methods, and then look at their actual actions where and while they have been in office. Have fun!

But even more important, keep in mind what we've learned in class: change that benefits working class people rarely comes FROM politicians and parties. More often, it comes when large numbers of people organize, take action, and build their POWER as a movement to force society and politicians to change. That's what some of these parties are actually attempting to do!


Speak Out Now

(Trotskyist socialist party)

Socialist Workers Party
(this is actually their newspaper,
but it's the best way to contact them and figure out their concerns)

Fourth Internationalists
(Socialist organization inspired by Leon Trotsky)

Freedom Socialist Party
(also Trotsky inspired, has a serious feminist outlook)

Communist Party of the United States

The Progressive Labor Party (this party also considers itself communist)

socialist workers party logo


The Green Party of the United States

The Working Families Party

green party logo


The Democratic Party

democratic party logo


The Reform Party

The Libertarian Party (all about individual rights and freedoms, and against government power in all ways)

The Natural-Law Party

The Republican Party

The Constitution Party

Tea Party
(not a party per se, but a movement of like minded, very right wing conservatives)

republican party logo



The Commons - Great, Brooklyn location for learning about politics, economics, history, and society.

Marxist Education Project (MEP) - Group providing education on politics, economics, history, and society, from a Marxist perspective.

Parecon - interesting website describing a visionary model of how our society and economy might work if designed to address people's needs

THERE ARE MANY, MANY MORE great opportunities to learn interesting political and historical information about our world in the NY-NJ area, especially at major universities like Rutgers (NB and Newark), NYU, Columbia, CUNY schools, etc., and especially in New York at various locations.



Here are websites/contact sites for the politicians who represent you on the local, state, and federal levels. If you ever want to voice your opinions about an issue that matters to you, these will allow you to do so.

trenton statehouse


Newark Representatives in the New Jersey State Legislature
Yes, all of these people actually represent some portion of Newark in Trenton. My guess is that if you send them e-mail as a resident of Newark, they won't discard it if they realize they don't actually represent your block. So, send them your complaints.

Richard Codey
Ronald Rice

Theresa Ruiz
Albert Coutinho

Governor of New Jersey
Chris Christie

us capitol

If any of these pages are not working, you can also contact your representatives directly through the New York Times:

U.S. Representative William Payne Jr.
(Newark's Representative in U.S. House of Representatives)

U.S. Senator Cory Booker

U.S. Senator Robert Menendez

President Donald Trump