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Hello students. This page of my website is designed to give you an introduction to the news sources which are available to you in your attempts to keep up with our fast moving world. Below are news sources (daily papers, magazines, and electronic), ethics groups, and good bookstores where you can always look for good information.

A disclaimer: There are many, many other sources of news in this nation and this world. These are not the only decent news outlets. Furthermore, some people, mainly on the political right, have major problems with some of the sources listed here, such as the New York Times, The Nation, etc. I, however, do not, even if they are not perfect. I have listed here a group of organizations which present a lot of good, factual reporting, combined with intelligent and mostly honest interpretation.

I also have purposely left off this page certain organizations which have lost much credibility as news organizations, either through selective ommissions, blatant misreporting of facts, or consistent bias which attempts to manipulate our understanding of what they report. The list below is also limited to those organizations which I have read enough to know well, and that I can say generally have good information.

Print News: (generally straight news, broad coverage)
The New York Times -

The Washington Post -

Wall Street Journal
(emphasis on business news, pro-business, right wing editorial page, but some excellent actual reporting)

The Christian Science Monitor
- (published by a church, but not a religious mouthpiece. Excellent reporting)

The Guardian
(United Kingdom's best newspaper, one of the best in the world)

new york times masthead

Magazines (generally straight news, broad coverage)
The Economist -

US News and World Report -

The New Yorker

The Atlantic Monthly


Not-So-Well-Known (but still excellent) Print News
Some of these provide excellent news, some of which the major media outlets ignore. They also include interpretation and critical commentary, all based on the facts available.
The Nation - (liberal/progressive coverage)

In These Times - (progressive/working class)

Labor Notes
- (labor union/news on working class America)

Mother Jones
- (liberal/progressive coverage)

- (website with lots of new articles and commentary, progressive/left viewpoint)

the nation

Televison/Internet Based News

Again, there are lots of t.v. news programs. Most of them are not very good, and tell you very little about broader trends in our society and world. Further, few even delve into the problems we face as a society, or into the daily workings of our government. These news programs do a better job, although these are not perfect either.

Nightly News Programs - CBS, NBC, and ABC all have half-hour news programs. They give an overview, but usually do not provide the thorough discussion and analysis which gives a fuller understanding of the big stories. Also, they leave out a lot, and almost never show any points of view other than those of the center and right! CNN has news all day, but has the same problems as the big 3.

The News Hour - on PBS (public broadcasting, nightly at 7 pm)

British Broadcasting Company (BBC) -

PBS - in general, particularly for public-information shows and especially for their excellent historical documentaries, as well as shows like American Experience, Frontline, P.O.V. and Wide Angle.

60 minutes - CBS (Sundays, 7 pm, generally informative news magazine)

C-Span - 1, 2, and 3 are all good. Non-stop coverage of the House, the Senate, and political campaigns, issues, and events about history and politics.

The History Channel
(and History Channel International) - obviously. It is okay, although I like PBS better for good historical documentaries.

Discovery-Times Channel
- interesting documentaries and history stuff.

The Real News Network - Internet based news, with a critical view of capitalism - The Real News

Radio News
WNYE-FM 91.5 - National Public Radio (NPR)
WBGO-FM 88.3 - NPR and the best jazz station in the United States
(broadcasts from Park Place in Newark!!!)
WBAI 99.5 -"alternative" broadcasting (news, talk, and culture)

Political Watchdog/Ethics Organizations
These are non-profit organizations which monitor political ethics issues such: a) money in politics, b) corporate influence in politics,
and c) ethics violations in politics. Some issue excellent reports about government ethics violations and undue influence, and some have lots of online statistics and information about money in politics.

Common Cause -

Open Secrets
(by The National Center for Responsive Politics)

Public Citizen

Annenberg Center for Public Policy
(at University of Pennsylvania)



Chronicle of a Death Foretold cover
Rippey's Favorite Book!!!

As you all know from class,
from the course pages of
this website, I think good books
are the most important source
of information. And of course,
everything I do is designed to
encourage you to read
(hopefully a lot).

Unfortuately, because of internet
shopping, many great bookstores
have disappeared in recent years.
So, in order to help you find decent
books, here is a list of some of the
three big online bookstores, and a
few of my favorite actual bookstors
where you can still peruse books to
your hearts content!

The online websites are great
places to search for what books
are in print, what else is out there
that I do not know, and to buy
something and get it quickly and
without hassle. So I have placed
3 good online booksellers here
with their links. But if you really
want to check out some books,
go to some of the great book-
stores in this area which I have
listed under the photo.

Online Booksellers:
Powell's Books -

Barnes and Noble - http://www.barnesand

Alibris - used books, good prices!

strand bookshelves

Excellent Bookstores in Our Area
(all with great history and
politics sections)

Montclair Book Cente
r - 221 Glenridge Ave in
Montclair (just off Bloomfield Avenue in downtown Montclair)


Bookstore - 13th Street and
Broadway in Manhattan

East Village Books - 99 St. Marks Place in
Manhattan(8th Street between 1st Ave and
Avenue A)

Mercer Street Books
- 206 Mercer Street,

Housing Works Bookshop and Cafe
- 126
Crosby Street, Manhattan

Unnameable Books
- 600 VanderbiltAve.,
Brooklyn, NYC

Books Culture - 536 West 112th Street,

Revolution Books
- 437 Malcom X Blvd, Harlem,
NYC (Lenox Blvd at 132nd St), 10037